Monday, November 10, 2014

I so wish this applied to life.

We have this "protection" program called WebSense here at work.  It seems to change the parameters for what is acceptable for us to access at work.  Last Friday, I couldn't read the comics in the morning.  Today I can but it won't open some blogs.  Maybe it's supposed to be random?

Life here goes on.  Not a lot has changed.  We celebrated Hallowe'en with my brother and his family and I got this charming little guy from my nephew.  He made it in school and when I admired it, he gave it to me.  Mr Blue Thing now has a home on top of my computer monitor at work.  It's a goofy thing but I am enamored of it.

Pk continues to look for a job.  He had an interview last week and is waiting to hear.  He thought it went well (but he always thinks it went well) and it probably did.  He interviews well and really knows his stuff.  Any place would be lucky to get him and I wish they would wake up and realize it.

Since we last spoke, I have gotten a year older.  I am now a 57 year old woman.."In my late 50's", which sounds so weird.  Getting older is not for the faint of heart.  I like myself as a person better than I did at 18 but I would love to have that physical self back! Getting older means having a slower metabolism so that however little I eat, I can't seem to lose weight.  I absolutely understand why people fall prey to the ads on television (Yes!  I want to lose 60 pounds in 3 months!!). 

And it wouldn't be Fall without a photo of the neighbor's tree.  It has been quietly showing off for about a week now.  It's now stripped almost bare by a storm at the end of last week but at least the weather waited until we got to enjoy it for a short while.

Work has been busy as we move toward a paperless system.  I can't wait and I've been working on the committee to make it happen.  We were supposed to make a major change this morning but the email says we are postponing for "circumstances beyond our control". 

I am almost finished making the annual socks for the girls for Christmas.  I need to find a skein of sock yarn that looks like fire so I can make Pk a new pair of Fire Socks.  I made him a pair and he wears them for interviews and things because they give him a boost of confidence.  He's on the 2nd pair and I need to start looking for a good color to make another pair for him.  I like the fact that he has a drawerful of colorful socks to wear and that they were all made by me.

But, now it's Monday and I have a full day ahead.  I haven't checked the voicemail messages yet but the light is red so someone is on there waiting.

Happy Monday! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

I have this lovely daughter who is now a Married Woman.    Dr. K reminded me I have not "blogged the wedding" as of yet and so here it is (along with some other random fall things) 

Kate and Patrick got married on October 11 at 11-ish in the morning.  They planned to have their ceremony in the woods but the weather made that a bit difficult (rain, rain and more rain) so the ceremony took place at the hall where the reception was to be held.

It all started on Friday night when Kate and Patrick and friends and family showed up to decorate the hall.  It was a nice space and a perfect size for the number of people.  Not too big so that it felt imposing but not too small so that you felt crowded.  We swathed the walls and doorways with tulle and flowers and put some centerpieces made of natural elements (wood and candles in glass jars) and then left for the night.

Kate is radiant

There was cake!

On Saturday morning I was expecting 7 or 8 young women at my house to get dressed and gussied up.  I was a bit concerned-one bathroom/one mirror and all those young women.  Somehow it all worked out and the day was beautiful.  I'll let the photos tell the story.

And dancing! (Kate loved her dress)

And family. 

 There was an amazing well written and performed Toast by Emily.  She based it on D&D (which Kate and Patrick play each week). 

It was a wonderful day and a Good Time Was Had By All.

Kate practices being a sheet rock lifter

The next day, Pk and I went out for brunch to celebrate our anniversary.  We had a great time eating good food and then walking around a flea market where I found a replacement bowl for the one that got broken last week (a Depression Glass bowl that belonged to my grandmother) for 5 dollars!

We bought a pumpkin
Peter Kevin has been hanging sheetrock while he waits for someone in the business world to recognize  that he is brillliant and they should be giving him a job..

And the parade of babies continues to move forward at work.  Here are two more cardigans for infants.  The top one is a cotton/acrylic blend and the bottom is Kroy sock with accent stripes.  It was a good way to use up some leftover sock yarn.

I started one more in neon green, neon purple and white stripes.  I love it but Peter Kevin says it's "interesting".

A bit of insomnia last night is making me fight to keep my eyes open today so I'll sign off.  Have a great Monday!

Monday, October 6, 2014

It's Monday and it's only 45 degrees this morning.  Since the a/c is still on in our building, I am so very grateful for the small space heater that lives under my desk. 

It is bathing my legs with heat which helps to keep the rest of me a bit warmer.  I also have a small triangle shawl draped over my shoulders.  It will be another week before the a/c goes off and the heat comes on.

This is more ArtWalk Sock yarn.  It's called Sold and is inspired by Justyna Kopania.  I really like the painting and the colors the dyer picked up are really perfect.  And of course there is the glittery bits.

I have been quietly plugging away at holiday gift socks while working on other things.  I still have a shawl otn but it's patterned in both directions and takes a bit of concentration.  I also started a pair of mittens for Pk called The Gates of Moria (he was not thrilled with the other pair and frankly, neither was I)

And because I have more ambition than brains, I signed up for Spinzilla.  It's a spinning marathon where length of thread spun is calculated and the longest wins.  I was a Rogue Spinner (I am so not a rogue anything but I li ked the image) but was asked to join a team to help them fill out their numbers.  So I am not a Flying Fibers Spindoll.  This means I have teammates and will have to actually put some effort into this whole thing so as not to let my team down.  Every day after work I can put in an hour or two and since I don't have anything to do for the wedding on Saturday, I should be good.  Kate tried the dress on for one last fitting with shoes and proper underwear and it looks gorgeous.  Everyone has clean dress clothes and shoes and various underpinnings so we're all good.

Friday, Pk and I will have been married 33 years and together as a couple 39.  We are going to spend the day together and have lunch somewhere nice.  I expect the weekend will be a bit hectic.

Someone sent this to me today and I like it so much that I am sharing it with y'all.  It's taken from a quote by Teresa of Avila.  It fills me with peace and good feeling every time I read it.  I hope it does the same for you.  Have a good Monday.

 "Today may there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly  where you are meant to be.    May you not forget the infinite  possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us. " 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I have sat at the computer several times since August to post but for some reason, I closed the page each time with only a partial post completed.  There is no real reason for this.  I think I have just been feeling a bit blah, a feeling that I don't usually hang on to for more than a day or so.  Mixed with the blah is a growing anxiety.

No, Peter Kevin has not found a job yet and therein lies the anxiety.  He sends out countless resumes and gets called for an occasional interview (there are so many applicants for each job!) but so far,  no joy.  Unemployment insurance runs out in 3 weeks and although I know we'll survive, things will be tight. 

Kate's wedding is next week.  I have finished my Fir Cone Shawl in time to wear it should the weather be cool.  It is huge.  When you knit something that doesn't get blocked much, you can get away with fudging a stitch here and there.  but when it's something that gets blocked, every stitch shows.  I love this.  It wraps around me and I can feel the softness of the merino and there is the slightest sheen from the silk.  It's a softly spun single and was so lovely to work with.  I have a 540 yd skein and about a third of another so it could become a scarf/hat or even some luxrious mittens.

Here is a sneak peak at Kate's dress.  It fits her like a dream and she is very happy with it so I can feel relieved.   It's completely finished and just waiting for next Saturday.

I have finished another baby sweater and learned there is another baby due!  I'm telling you, it's something in the water.

In a similar vein, I was at the gyn for my annual visit and it went fine.  I really like my doctor and was afraid the change of insurance was going to mean a change of doctor for me but they take my new insurance so all is good.  I am well and truly deep into menopause and some days it's all I can do not to scream from the irritation I feel.  HRT is not a possiblity for me so I am relying on natural supplements and for once the supplements have lived up to their hype.  I am taking Evening Primrose Oil, an extra Vitamin B complex and some black cohosh.  In combination they are making the power surges more bearable and my energy levels are improved and my sleep is more consistent.  I am also less irritable (which is good for everyone around me!)  Now if they could help me with the weight gain.....

 We are starting the downward slide into the holiday season.  We will celebrate the holidays as always- just a bit less extravagantly.  Pete has contacted local temp agencies and will take any job they offer.  I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the holidays but we were in the DIY store yesterday and the lights and decorations are out and I felt the light flutterings of excitement inside that I usually feel this time of year.  I think everything will work out.

Pk and I are celebrating our 33rd anniversary on the 10th.  Our gift to ourselves was to upgrade our phones to iphone6.  I was not a techie until I met him and now I am becoming intolerant of old technology.  I'm not sure that it's a good thing but I love my new phone.  

And finally, a thought for today

"If I am only happy for myself, many fewer chances for happiness. If I am happy when good things happen to other people, billions more chances to be happy. "

~Dalai Lama XIV

Just think, billions of chances to be happy.  I like that thought and I'm going to remember it and try to be happy as often as I can whether for myself or for those around me.

Sunrise on Monday morning.  The mornings are dark when I get up and the sunrises are spectacular.  Makes getting up that early totally worth it.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

I learned something this summer.  I mean really learned it (as opposed to just thinking it).  I have always known that good shoes can make a differnce in your feet.  I haven't been immune to the appeal of cheap, cute, stylish shoes but I have also tried to make sure that I am putting shoes with support on my feet for most days.

J-41 Libby Sport FlatThis summer I bought two pairs of these.  One pair in this beige color and one is a charcoal grey color.  I figured they would take me through most of the summer in comfort.  And they're cute.

They're comfortable when you put them on and stay comfortable all day.  I wore them without socks and they looked good with my summer clothes.

Dansko - Professional Floral NubuckI didn't notice how much my feet/ankles/legs/lower back were hurting me at the end of the day until I wore shoes and socks during one of our cooler summer days.

<b>Dansko</b> '<b>Elise</b>' <b>Sneaker</b> Womens Blue/ Orange Suede 6.5-7US / 37EUPeter Kevin and I went to the Dansko outlet and I got some new shoes for fall/winter.  Including a pair of these palepale green with roses embroidered on them.  I also got a pair of Dansko sneaker-like shoes which I have been wearing the last few days.

And I noticed that my feet/ankles/legs/lower back felt so much better at the end of the day.  No aching, no pain.  These have terrific support and are so comfortable.  What a difference.  It's remarkable to me that the difference is so profound. 

I am wearing the cute-summer-no-support shoes today.  It's not a run around day, most of my time will be in meetings or spent at my desk so I should be ok.  And the summer will be over within the month and the no sock shoes will be put away in favor of shoes with socks both handknit and otherwise.

Women's Plus Size Elbow Sleeve Cotton Modal Fit and Flare DressI realized last night that I have no idea what to wear to Kate's wedding.  I have to find a dress (and not a MOB dress-that's just not me) that will be ok while we're in the trees at Batsto and then still look appropriate for the reception.  And shoes!  Maybe some small heels because walking through the dirt/leaves will ruin anything else.  I ordered a dress from LandsEnd (I love their clothes).  I have this dress but sleeveless and in fuschia.  It fits perfectly and is comfortable and looks good all day.  I can wear a colorful pair of shoes or go classic in black with black stockings.  And it will dress down for work throughout the fall and winter.  (and it's machine washable!). 

And if I work diligently, I can finish the Fir Cone Shawl to wear with it.

I'm still waiting for Kate to buy shoes so we can hem her dress and I can call it done. 

Well, I'm off to start the round of meetings and paperwork.  The day outside the window looks glorious.  Maybe dinner in the park is in order.

Monday, August 11, 2014

It's Monday morning and I noticed that it is darker now in the early mornings than it has been.  The year will slide toward the holidays so quickly.

Pk and I have been taking it easy for the summer.  He's anxious about finding work before the unemployment runs out and I feel some anxiety too.  The upshot is that we are both a abit more easily irritated than usual.  I have to keep it in mind when he (or I) snaps. 

I spoke to my pcp about these perimenopause issues.  I have some days when I feel like myself but then other days when I am so headachy or grouchy or just having power surges one after another that I want to scream (and there's another reason for the increased irritability)

She suggested Evening Primrose Oil and B complex vitamins (and gave me a prescription for an anti-anxiety med if I need it).  She also said some women take antidepressants.......I told her I was all too familiar with the psychotropics and would pass on them.  I did take the script for the xanax because it helps take the sharp corners off on those days when I can't just sit down with some chamomile tea and put up my feet.  I have an appt with the gyn in Sept and we'll be having a similar discussion.

My Fir Cone Shawl is coming along.  I finished the center part and am now knitting the endless edging.  It's a 14 row repeat and there are probably 500 repeats!  I always have trouble starting a knitted on edge.  I usually call Kate and she helps me see what I'm supposed to do but I figured it out myself this time.

I was moving counter clockwise around the shawl and the edge goes on clockwise.  It took me a bit to see that but once I did, it all fell into place.  I lovelovelove the way this is coming out to be one enormous soft wrap.  It would make a gorgeous baby blanket if babies didn't throw up or drool or have other accidents.

I finished one Watermelon sock.  I absolutely love this yarn.  It is so much fun to knit with.  It's been my go-to knit when the weather has been to hot to hold onto a lap full of wool.

Our weather has been really nice lately.  Actually, all summer.  There were a few days when it was beastly but for the most part it's been a great summer.  A lot of rain which is good but also makes the tomatos burst through their skins.  I'd send some of it out west where they are experiencing drought of historic proportions.

Time to go get my charts and get things moving.  It's a Monday and for me that means BUSY.  It's the fullest day of the week for me (and this week I'm covering for someone's vacation) so Whoopee! Let the fun begin!

Happy Monday y'all!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Although I try to not wish it were Friday every day because I don't want to spend most of my week wishing my day away, I can't ignore the extra bit of sparkle that Friday brings.  It's humid and still outside this morning and the sky is uniformly grey.  No big storm in the offing but it looks like we're in for a rainy afternoon (followed by a rainy weekend). 

Did you ever hear that expression, "too dumb to walk and chew gum at the same time"?  Well, I was walking down the street this morning and looked down.  (this is not an actual photo of the sidewalk I was on but it could be.  It looked just like this)  All those black spots represent a piece of gum.  And the sidewalks in Philadelphia all look like this. 

It indicates a serious number of people who are very uncoordinated!  And now that I've noticed it and thought about it, it sticks out more.  I see old gum on all the sidewalks.  It's pretty disgusting.

Last weekend I finished Kate's dress.  Here it is hanging on a door.  Kate has tried it on and it fits perfectly.  As soon as she decides on shoes, we can pin the hem and I can finish it up completely.

She loves it.  She put it on and twirled around.  "It twirls!".  This made her happy (which of course, made me happy).  She looks amazingly beautiful in it and will make a lovely bride. 

And now that Kate's dress is done, I can think about what I'm going to wear for a wedding in the woods.  I'm thinking jeans and hiking boots but will probably have to go a bit dressier.

I am getting ready for the last section on my Fir Cone Shawl.  It has knit up so much faster than I anticipated and is so soft.  Unfortunately, it's a large lapful of wool and I can only work on it when A) the a/c is on in the bedroom or B) we have one of our rare cool days in the summer.

Last Friday was one such cool day.  Pk and I took ourselves on an adventure to the Groff and Groff lumber yard.  He bought a few small pieces of lignum vitae.  Sounds very impressive, doesn't it?  It's wood that is hard and dense enough that if you throw it into water, it will sink.  It's heavy as all get out.  He's going to make some wooden mallets for his shop.

We then went to the Dansko outlet so I could get some shoes for the fall/winter.  I got a pair of blue suede sneaker-like shoes, and two pairs of enclosed clogs.  One is a sage green with brown roses embroidered on it and the other is ruby red patent leather.  Peter Kevin insisted on those.  "These are fun".  They ARE fun and out of character for me which is part of the appeal. 

The day was warm and sunny and low humidity and just about perfect.  We rode with the windows down and just enjoyed the day together.  The grocery shopping got done and then we had pizza with Kate and Patrick for dinner. 

This weekend we have no plans other than to finish up Kate's birthday present (description of which will come later) and relax.  I think we're in for an uncomfortable one so there will probably not be too much moving around.

Life is moving on slowly but surely.  Pk is still sending resumes out into the void of the internet.  He sends out tons of them every day and doesn't hear back.  It's so frustrating because he doesn't know why they don't answer and is left trying to figure it out.  Job hunting sucks.

Time to get to work.  I haven't been terribly productive this week and I'd like to correct that today.  Happy Friday!


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