Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Delware River at 7 am.  You can see the ice cubes and see the paths where the ships have broken through the ice.  It looks so cold.  Today we are starting out at 12F (-11C) and if the sun shines, we'll get up to 30!
I think I am tired of being cold.  We have a month until spring.  I think we're all tired of complaining about the cold but we've only been above freezing once or twice in Feb.  I think that's enough (although I wouldn't be too upset if we had a BIG snowstorm-it wouldn't stick around too long at this point).

This is Peter Kevin and I  out front in the snow last Saturday.  We got about 6 inches of snow and then it sleeted on top of that so it's all been one big ice rink.

My leg is doing better.  I can feel the cyst and it's sore to the touch but that may continue to improve as time goes on.  When the weather improves, I am going to start walking some every day and then riding my bike (if my knees hold up).  I need to strengthen my body a bit and lose some weight.
This is what we're waiting for!  Tulips and daffodils and crocuses-color!  The snow has a beauty of its own but it's stark.  My eyes are hungering for color.

Maybe it's leftover stimulation from vsiting the art museum a few weeks ago with Kylie.  I love modern art and they have a good collection.  Pete loves the impressionists so we saw both.  All those colors, soft and bold and gorgeous.  Made this white/grey landscape seem dreary.  The most colorful thing in our neighborhood is the Stop sign.  We have left up our snowman lights with the color changing stars behind them.  Who says lights are only for Christmas?

Look how the little snowmen are sitting on the snow.  Just like they belong.

I am anxiously waiting for the rose bushes to come back but until then, the stars will have to do.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


This is an experiment.  I figured out (with some help from my IT man) that the reason I can't retrieve any photos taken after Sept 12 is that they are all saved in the cloud and I don't have that software on my laptop or my work desktop.  I remembered that I had this app on the ipad and now that I have a keyyboard, it might be more feasible to post from the ipad.  We'll see how it goes.  I have a memory of this being a tedius process.

This is the view out my front door this morning.  That's as far as I want to go since it's 9F (-13C) out there with wind chills far below that.  It's viciously cold and windy.  Needless to say, we are not venturing far today.  

Last night we tried an experiment.  These are papusas.  It's a cornmeal dough wrapped around cheese and lightly fried.  There is a Puppuseria-an El Salvadoran restaurant- nearby and we stopped once and tried them.  They are delicious and as it turns out, very simple to make.  Served with soup, it was like small grilled cheese sandwiches.  And easy enough to make anytime

This is what I have been working on for what it seems like forever.  It's a skein of Icelandic wool.  It's a simple 2 ply and I like it a lot but it's not the easiest fiber to spin. I have a skein of gotland that is a shade darker that I think I will use for a chulo hat for Peter Kevin since he lost his.  Icelandic wool is very warm yet very light and sturdy.

My oatmeal is getting cold so I am going to attempt to post and see what happens.  Happy President's Day!  Enjoy your long weekend-unless like me you have to go to work tomorrow.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Today is the Handle with Care trainer training.  I am going to have to curtail some of my activities due to the pain in my knee.  I spoke to the supervisor of training and she approved it, so all should be well.

Handle with Care is the aggressive patient management program that we use here at Hall Mercer and across the street in the hospital.  Of course, over there, the security guards are more interested in removing people who are having a rough time and we are more interested in de-escalating them and keeping them here.  It causes for some interesting discussions during the training.

I will be doing trainings for my building again this year but I am trying to make this the last year I do full on trainings.  I can do a modified training in which I do not do the full take down (I can't go down on my knees on the hardwood floors).  Very fortunately, I have an absolutely wonderful partner who is big and strong and can do the take downs. Today's training will take all day (8-4) and by the end, I am exhausted.  It's a lot of being up close and personal with people I do not know well.  You either get used to it pretty quick or you spend the entire day feeling very uncomfortable.  I have taken my prophylactic advil and am getting ready to go downstairs.

It is cold today.  Just 18 degrees (-7.7C) and breezy.  I can't seem to get my toes warm.  I have a mug full of scalding tea instead of coffee.  It was hard to crawl out of the warm bed today and then to go out the front door.  It takes a bit of fortitude.

It's lunch break now and we are finished all of the training except for the Primary Restraint Technique.  It's been all holds and blocks and how to protect ourselves this morning.  After lunch, we will get into the restraint part in more depth.

My muscles and joints are always sore when we do this but I realized today that I enjoy taking this training.  It's a day away from my desk, hanging around with the security crew and becoming uncomfortably close.  I like the guys (and they are all guys except for 3 other women who are nurses in the ER) that attend.  They care about the patients and making sure they don't get hurt.

We have to grocery shop after work today because Pk and I are headed to the Art Museum tomorrow and then dinner with Kylie.  I can't wait to get to the museum again.  It's been a long time.  Other than that,  we have a quiet weekend.  The weekends fly by so fast that I hate to overschedule them.  I like to make sure we have some time to pursue our hobbies and to just spend some time together.  And of course, there are always soccer games.

Have a peaceful weekend.

Monday, February 2, 2015

My goal is to be a better blogger in Feb and then henceforth.  January was a topsy turvy month for us all around.  Here it is in bullet point

~My slim camera stopped working.  I don't use it much since the iphone has a good camera.  I think it needs a new battery.

~My iphone has decided to keep all the photos to itself and will not allow me to upload them to the computer.  It's probably something in the settings.  I just haven't been able to figure it out.  Yet.  I will not be defeated by the technology.

~One Thursday night about 2 weeks ago, my right calf swelled up like a sausage and became impossible to walk on.  Being afraid of a blood clot or a DVT, Pk took me to the ER.  An ultrasound showed no clot (phew!).  After a visit to the orthopedist and an mri (a horrible experience), the suspicion is that I had a Baker's cyst which managed to burst.  This flooded my calf with fluid bringing out the most gorgeous bruises and extreme pain.  I have to go back to the orthopedist and we need a plan to deal with my knee/calf so this doesn't happen again.  It's probably due to the arthritis in my knees.

~Snowpocalypse!  or The Snow Storm that Wasn't.  We ran around preparing for the Blizzard to End All Blizzards only to have it move out to sea and make landfall further north.  We got about 3 inches of snow, hardly enough to shovel.

~Pk had a job interview for a job with the same health system I work for but in the IT dept.  He is really interested in the job and is hoping for a second interview this week.

~Kylie has been in town (aka dr. k) and we have enjoyed her company.  I'm looking forward to a trip to the Museum of Art this weekend.

~We have adjusted to the new work schedule.  It's been just over a month since Pk went back to work and it's taken some doing but we are making it work.  We'd like to get an old beater truck so he can use it for hauling wood and things around but his salary at this job will make that unlikely.  This is another reason for the job interviews. (He found out they cut his salary by 8,000 to split between some folks who got increased responsibilities.  They also do not get raises, not even cola.  This makes putting money aside a tad difficult)

~Work has been going well.  It's busy this time of year and the inclement weather adds a frisson of excitement to our days.  I got a good evaluation last week.  Doesn't mean much-we don't do merit increases.  I have Handle with Care training this Friday.  It may be my last Train the Trainer training.  After 10+ years, I think it's time to hand it off to someone else.  My knees will not stand up to doing the take down.  I like teaching the principles and if I am able, will keep doing that but some of the physical parts are getting to be a bit much.

I guess that catches us up for the month of January.  Hard to believe that it's already over and we're that much closer to Spring.  It's Groundhog Day and I'd bet that Punxatawney Phil will not see his shadow (being as how it's raining and there is no sunshine). 

We're just going to try to stay dry and get through this rather yucky day.  Have a happy Monday y'all!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Here we are.  Finally we have put 2014 to bed and have welcomed 2015 into our lives.  I hope it's a more positive and less stressful one than last year.

How was your holiday?  We had the kind of Christmas we wanted. Family and laughter and time together.  Elanor made gingerbread tyrannosaurs and sheep and penguins and we hung them on the tree with ribbon.

Pk and El learned an important lesson when it comes to choosing popcorn for stringing- always choose yellow corn (it pops bigger and is less fragile than white corn)

We baked our favorites and ate our favorite foods and even though Pk had just started his job, they gave him three days off last week and will let him work from home on Friday so he gets to feel like he's had a holiday.

My phone will not give up the photos so I'll wait and post this when I go back to work.

January 7, 2015

A week later and I still haven't figured out how to make the phone share the photos.  I guess I'll have to ask the IT dept when I get home.  It's very handy having a personal IT person.

Coming back to work was not as difficult as it could have been.  Only one clinic on Monday (instead of the usual 2) so I had time to finish up all the paperwork.  Only THREE phone messages (after 10 days!) all of which could be dealt with fairly easily. I just slid right back into place with barely a ripple.

We had our first snowfall.  The weather is truly winter-like for the first time this year and the woolies have come out.  (we only got 2 inches of snow but you'd think it was a blizzard from the way people reacted).  It was peaceful watching the flakes fall.  It was powdery and dry and would move in swirls as cars (and people) went by.  I'm hoping for one of those "shut down the entire city" type snows at least once.  It's interesting to have a day where you are stuck and don't go anywhere unless it's really important.  It puts life in perspective.

Do you make NY's resolutions?  I tend not to.  I am going to try to remember that people deserve the benefit of the doubt and I'm going to try to remember the principles of Sanctuary.  Some of the main parts of which are Self Care and No Judgement.  So, I will try to remember to take care of myself as well as I take care of other people and to not judge folks.  I think if I'm just trying to be a better person, I'm doing ok.

So Happy New Year!  I hope your year is a prosperous, healthy and happy one.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

 Merry Christmas Adam! I am winding down my afternoon at work.  I have just over an hour to go until I am on vacation and I can't wait.

This has been an exhausting month this year.  I think the stress finally leaving with Pk getting a job has left a void where my energy used to live.  I have my pollyanna gifts purchased and waiting to wrap.  Some cookies are baked and the rest will be done tomorrow.

It's been a bit difficult to locate my holiday spirit but I think it's finally coming around.  Might be something about putting on my Santa hat (which I wore for my clients' potluck brunch this morning).  I am starting to feel a bit excited and am looking forward to having the whole family together tomorrow night and decorating the tree and eating and drinking together.

I made some walnut shell kniting baskets for the people that knit/crochet with me at work.  I've been saving perfect shell halves for months.  Pk took one of the toothpicks and made it into a crochet hook for one of my coworkers who crochets.  She loved it.  I made new ones for my tree and one for Kate and for Em. 

Otherwise, I have been slowly knitting the Rivendell socks for Pk and had to put the colorwork mittens away for a while.  Too much thinking involved.  Maybe over the vacation I'll get enough sleep and be more clear headed.

Because I am probably going to be going computer free for a few days, I want to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas!  I hope your holidays are filled with joy and wonder.

And if Christmas is not your holiday, then I wish you a peaceful week.  And a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  I am hopeful that 2015 will bring the world some much needed Peace and tolerance. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Today is Peter Kevin's first day of work since April.  To say it felt odd is an  understatement.   I am so used to thinking "I can stop on my way home from work and.....".  And that will no longer be as simple, at least for the time being.

Pk drops me off at the train at 6:40.  I catch the train into Philadelphia.  I'll take the same train home and then get the bus from the train station home.  It's about 2 miles and will add 45 minutes to my trip at the end of the day (and about a half mile walk).  Eventually, we're hoping he can take a different train into work and then I can use the car to come home and then go back and pick him up.  It's all a bit complicated until we see how things fall out (and can buy a used truck for a second car).

Things we did this weekend:
We got our tree.  It's actually a perfect size for our living room (if by perfect you mean "something large and bushy around which we will be stumbling for the next month") and it smells like pine heaven.  We were visited by the penguinski fairy who left us two glittery penguins hanging out front.

I cut out snowflakes for my office doorThey are eye catching and very popular.

And Pk finished putting up the lights on the front of the house.  We wanted to do something different this year but since he has been out of work for so long, we'll leave that for next year. 

I've been watching the birds out of my office window.  That is an ornamental pear and it gets "berries" or berry-like growths on it in the fall.  The birds love them.  This guy is so fat that it's a wonder his little wings can carry him.  It's a robin.  I never thought of them as birds that flock but more as a solitary creature but this year, I have seen great big flocks of robins.  They are not flying south like they did when I was a kid. We used to watch for "the first robin of spring" to let us know that winter was on its way out.

And speaking of winter, we got a dusting of snow last week.  It was so pretty to watch and promptly melted as soon as the sun came out.  Pk keeps talking about having snow for Christmas but I think that has happened less than 5 times in my life.  He is optimistic. 

I have purchased my pollyanna gifts and am waiting for a few to arrive.  I also got a few small things for Pk.  We will have a small splurge in January after he gets a few paychecks under his belt.  I don't have a mountain of gifts to wrap (which makes me happy) and nothing I have to finish knitting.   The decorations are up and the cookies will get baked next weekend.  It feels like Christmas might be coming but (and maybe it's because of the job thing), it feels different.

Not better or worse, just different.  I guess until Pk actually gets paid for this new job, I don't fully believe in it.  My plan is to walk out the door from work at 3 on Christmas Adam (the 23rd) and not come back until Jan 5.  I can't wait.  I know Pete won't have the time to take like that this year but he'll have Christmas Day off (I think) and New Year's Day.  Whatever happens, it'll be joyous.


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